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The most common problem with speakers today is foam rot. The outer ring typically deteriorates after 10 to 15 years... twice as fast in a car. Speakerworks can replace the foam suspension and restore your driver for a fraction of the original cost.

Our typical refoaming price for an 8", 10" or 12" driver is $35.00. This includes recentering the voice coil, replacing the foam, dust cap and trim gaskets and testing the driver for any imperfections.

We offer a 5 year warranty on any of our foam jobs.

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Often times, speakers need to be completely reconed, meaning the entire cone, coil, spider, dust cap and gasket need to be replaced... basically anything other than the frame. When it is truly necessary to recone the driver, we will use all new factory parts, when available, to bring your speaker back to the original factory specs and sound!

Our reconing costs vary widely depending on manufacturer and size. The typical 12" woofer costs $65.00 to recone while on average it costs $75.00 for a 15" driver.

We offer a 1 year warranty on all of our recones barring miss use or abuse.



Most horn drivers require replacement diaphragms when they go bad. We offer a full line of factory and aftermarket parts to repair your driver. Depending on the manufacturer, we can send you the parts or repair your speaker in house.

The typical 1" Foster type diaphragm costs around $20.00 where a 2" Eminence runs around $39.00. Costs can vary widely, call us for more details.

Call us for more details or a quote on your repair!

All prices are estimates and include parts and labor (excluding return shipping)

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