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Speakerworks is the home of the "Old School" audio club. We offer replacement dial glasses for Marantz 10B tuners as well as a wealth of other parts for your classic audio components.

We sell numerous classic amps, pre-amps, tuners, turntables & receivers. Due to high demand and quick turnover no catalog is available. Give us a call and we'll let you know what we have and if we don't have it, we can find it.

Speakerworks has many prototypes and one-of-a-kinds in our showroom. The flagship is the engineering prototype of the Marantz 10 tuner, serial number 1. this piece belongs in the Smithsonian but it's on permanent display in our showroom. On top of this, we have many of the vintage McIntosh, Accuphase, Teac, Thorens and Marantz classics that helped build the golden age of audio.

We are now an authorized retailer of Klipsch Heritage speakers, U Turn Turntables, Music Hall Turntables, Lehman Phono Preamps, Okki Nokki Record Cleaners and Ortofon Cartridges.

Stop by to see what we've got, check our spectacular pieces and discuss the history of Hi-Fi audio with the man who knows it all... "Speaker" Dave.

No catalog is available as our inventory changes rapidly.

1-800-526-8879     •     918-664-6299