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Many of today's car manufacturers offer premium sound systems. These systems have the same problem with foam deterioration that home speakers have. We are able to repair/refoam many of these systems. We specialize in Chrysler Infinity, Toyota/Lexus JBL & Levinson including the Avalon 8" sub, Ford/Lincoln 6.5" subwoofers as well as the Cadillac JBL.

These repairs run an average of $35.00 per speaker.

We also specialize in the restoration of vintage 6"x9", 4"x10" and 4"x6" speakers found in vintage muscle cars. If you're going for an "original" restoration, we can make sure the driver is repaired to the factory specs.

The average reconing of the speakers is $45.00 each...
and these things have to be reconed, you won't find an aftermarket replacement that will fit the factory opening.

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